January 11th, 2021 -

GaijinPot Direct

Jobs Showcase for 2021

See jobs of the New Year with video messages from hiring managers and Live Q&A with GaijinPot!

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Purpose of the Direct

GaijinPot has a strong relationship with the employers advertising their jobs. We’d like to show you the human-side of these companies, so you can hear from the people you may be working with

Benefits of Attending the Direct 

  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be worth millions!
  • Learn more about job openings right from the people posting them
  • See some great jobs you might have missed otherwise
  • Ask questions in the Live Chat, and get answers about working in Japan from GaijinPot Staff in a follow-up video

How to Participate

Follow the links to the Live Premiere on YouTube and Facebook. Like, Subscribe, Click the bell, set a reminder, circle your calendar, or write it on your arm! Whatever you’ve gotta do, be sure to tune-in on January 11th at 10pm for the Video Premiere and Live Chat (civilized comments only please). We hope to see you there, and answer your questions in a follow-up video!

Presenting Companies

Yaruki Switch Group

Yaruki Switch Group is a Japanese educational organization boasting a track record stretching 40 years in teaching, nurturing, and developing the futures of children. Operating the famous Kids Duo, and WinBe Educational English programs among many others.

>>> Watch videoSee job postings

Hinomaru Kotsu

Hinomaru Kotsu is one of the best-established taxi companies in Japan and has an emphasis on diversity while providing secure jobs where you decide the work schedule.

>>> Watch videoSee job postings


EduCareer (operated by Global Partners Co. Ltd.) places dedicated teachers with Japanese schools in order to create an environment that allows teachers and students alike to flourish and develop. Their motto is “Education first”.

>>> Watch video See job postings

Blue Dolphins

Listed with JASDAQ Standard, Blue Dolphins provides long-term employment, small class sizes for maximum student care, and a strategy that focuses on developing skills in a natural way.

>>> Watch video See job postings

Military AutoSource

MAS has been serving the military community overseas for more than 45 years, and has been exclusively selected to provide members of the armed forces with vehicles that fit their needs.

>>> Watch video See job postings


Borderlink was founded in 2000 and continues to provide ALT jobs. They began with the desire and under the premise of building a world where children can have positive and inspiring lives.

>>> Watch video See job postings


RCS was the first company to provide ALTs to public schools in Japan. They’re always innovating and striving to be the best, while building strong relationships with their ALTs.

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Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone Learning Center prides itself on delivering the highest quality adult man-to-man English, French, and pronunciation lessons and is a pioneer in the field of blended learning.

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When & Where

Date: January 11th, 2021 (Monday) a National Holiday in Japan
Time: 10:00-10:30 pm JST (for International and Domestic viewers)
Where: GaijinPot YouTube channel

Discussion and comments

If you happened to have missed the event, check out the live feed and the comments from the youtube channel. You may find some answers to the questions you may have.