GaijinPot Expo 2023 Exhibitors List

The companies below will be exhibiting at GaijinPot Expo 2023. We will be updating this list as exhibitors are confirmed and expect about 35 companies at the event.

Hiring Companies

Apex, K. K.

Industry: Executive Search, Human Resources, Recruiting

We have one of the most substantial incentive programs in Japan. We also frequently host company trips and events, offer continuous training, provide a monthly self-development allowance and more!



Industry: Food & Beverage, Restaurant

We operate restaurants with the motto “Create the greatest happiness for everyone!” for all ages, genders, nationalities, global and local. Come and join us. We would be happy to make bigger things together!



Industry: Education

We’re Japan’s fast-growing ALT dispatch company. Teach English in public schools nationwide while enjoying plenty of support and career progress. You can create the future of education with us today!


Hinomaru Taxi

Industry: Transport

In our latest survey conducted with our foreign drivers, all are satisfied with their flexibility in work schedule and most of them are satisfied with the job security and competitive salaries. “Drive safely, don’t rush, and the money will follow.”


Educational Network Inc.

Industry: Education

“Valuing teachers at private schools.” Educational Network Inc. is committed to dispatching/introducing teachers to private schools in Japan. Register with us today to find teaching opportunities!


If you are a company that wants to apply to exhibit, please visit GaijinPot Expo 2023 Exhibitors Information.

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